Well That is Certainly One Way to Put It

If you're out of school, we'll want to know where you've been.

Were you visiting your cousins in Cleveland?  Was your car stolen?  Did your mom have a baby?  Can the situation be described as "glove controversy" or "hair trauma?"

If it was a Thursday, Keisha and Deja were missing you for the weekly game of Spying on Kids during recess.  Michael might think you were actually just in the closet the whole time and Dominic has made you a "Get Alright Soon" card.

One day Selena came back from having been out of school for a few days and handed me a small booklet with a color photograph on the front.  Sadly, her grandmother had passed away, and Selena had gone to the funeral in South Carolina.

"Wow." I said, after looking at the picture and reading the short biography of Selena's grandmother.  "She sounds like she was a really special person."  I handed the booklet back, but Selena insisted that I keep it.  She had plenty more of them, she said.  "That's for you."

"Oh....thank you Selena.  I'll...I guess I'll just put this right up here on the closet door where we can see it."  I cleared some space in the ever-rotating collection of drawings and notes on the closet door and stuck the photo up with a magnet.

A couple of months later, Selena and I were trying to find her missing assignment in a pile of papers on my desk.  Something caught her eye and she looked up.  "Hey!  It's my grandma!" she exclaimed.  I followed her gaze and saw the picture peeking out from behind a smelly-marker card from a student.  "We have her at my house, too."
image: heartlandurns.com

"Oh--you have one of those photos of her on the wall at your house, too?" I asked absentmindedly as I continued rummaging through the stack.

"Yeah," Selena replied.  "And they burnt her so we got her in a box."

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