New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2010! To ease back into the school routine after winter break, I usually start with New Year’s resolutions as our first writing assignment. Just like for adults, this is a chance for students to reflect on changes they want to make for the upcoming calendar year. I try to guide them towards resolutions about better behavior or turning in more homework. Not all students fall for this, but several do.

This year I will clean up my room. I will do more homework. I will get better grades. I will do what my parents say.

This year I will get better in school. And I will work on my football skills and boxing.

This year I will destroy king ceadora in GODZILLA MEELEE on game cube. I will also stop asking my mom for stuff such as toys.

This year I will try not to call people names or take someone’s hat.


psychomonkey said...

Thought I'd borrow someone else's New Year's Resolution..."This year I will try not to call people names or take someone’s hat."
Well, I failed miserably at this one:"Hey, Hatless!"

teachin' said...

How often must one have taken hats to realize that one needs to resolve to no longer do so? Or I suppose possibly this is a surefire winner - if you don't ever take hats, it's easy to follow through on said resolution. Either way, awesome.

Sarah Garb said...

Yes, resolving to not take people's hats was one of my favorites. I don't remember a major rash of hat-taking that year, so maybe he was just setting the bar extremely low. The concept of making really easy resolutions is pretty brilliant--you can achieve them in no time. Though I'm sorry to hear it hasn't worked out that way for you, Psychomonkey ;)

Anonymous said...

All my students decided it would be a good idea to take each other's hats. For a few weeks hats went missing, went home in children's bags and were ruined. I couldn't do much about it besides talk to them about how strange it was. What happened to them? Almost everyone in the class got nits...I think I made my point! =)

Sarah Garb said...

That definitely is strange, Hiedi! Maybe this "don't take people's hats" is more of a useful resolution than I thought! It is really weird how different fads just spread through a classroom....we went through a phase one year of kids saying "chicken nugget" randomly--so annoying and odd.

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