How to Be a Kid

Why?  WHY do seven-year-olds feel compelled to sharpen the metal end of a pencil?

WHY does the first letter of your writing require a little stick figure man to prop it up? (Well, other than the fact that "This is heavy," as the little man explains.)

WHAT are you going to do with those pencil shavings you are saving wrapped in an index card?

Well, wonder no more!  Hanna and Tyrica have created an entire manual for how to be a kid.  OK, so the "why" questions are not actually answered anywhere within their book and might just be unknowable.  But they do cover quite a lot of procedural information related to all things Kid.

Highlights of steps to living this "hard and easy" life of kids include:

*Text if you want to.
*Beg and plead (if needed).
*Make science at home.
*Don't fight unless playing.

That last one, though, comes with a note: "Only fight if they're obnoxious/rude or your enemy.  In that case, KNOCK EM OUT."

Hanna and Tyrica have also laid out the pros and cons of childhood for their readers:
As I write this from a hot tub (just to rub it in that I am a grown-up and I can!), watching forlornly as children flip themselves into a pool (because I'm a grown-up and I can't!), I still wonder, though, WHY one would ever need to include a little man to support the letter I.  Perhaps Hanna and Tyrica will come out with a sequel.

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