Get Alright Soon Andy Warhol
What's the quickest way to get seven best friends?  Be out sick from school for a few days!

Today for morning work I asked the Turtles to make some cards for a classmate who's been out sick and who will be out for a few more days still.  The assortment of cards featured lots of "Get well soon," and "Hope you're feeling better" messages which I know will cheer Alexis up.

There were also multiple pronouncements of best friend-ship, from, "You're my best friend" to a list of "things I like about you" that included, "kind soul, best friend ever, generous."

Step 1: Get sick.  Step 2: Wait for your absence to make hearts grow fonder.  Step 3: Allow time for the teacher to turn the class into a Factory of Appreciation.  Step 4: Let the best friend designations roll in.

There were a few cards with messages other than the standard.  Kennedy's card declared, "Get well Alexis."  That's pretty much the extent of the text in a 'Get well soon' card, right?  You wish that the person gets well.  And soon.  And throw in a few hearts or stars.  But no--Kennedy continued on.  "I hope you enjoy the rest of my card."  Wait-there's more to it than that?  What is "the rest" of this card?  Hasn't the main action happened already?  Ah, yes.  There it is--text-speak and all.  "Get well!  We miss u! Get well!  We miss u!  Get well!"

Gavin's card upped the ante on the usual note.  "I hope you get well soon.  I mean now."  If she knows what's good for her, Alexis really needs to speed this thing up!

Dominic's message also bucked tradition by, well, lowering the ante.  "Hope you get alright."  Not that well, just alright.

Jade hoped that Alexis was feeling better "because you're a part of the team."

We bundled the cards up and sent them home to Alexis along with some homework (nothing says recuperation like multiplication practice!).  Hopefully she's back to 'alright' (or 'better' or even 'well') soon!


Sarah said...

I can't decide if that's sweet or just outright hilarious! I wonder if this little trick would work to endear me to my colleagues and administration?!

DeShawn and Sara said...

This post is SO funny, because the same exact thing just happened in my 3rd grade class, last week! Who knew my student had so many best friends?!

DeShawn and Sara said...

P.S. Just found your blog and I'm LOVING it, you crack me up!! I keep shaking my head in agreement (as if you can see me) because your stories are a lot like mine! Keep up the great work!

Sarah Garb said...

Hah! Funny when you find out that these things are universal! Third graders must go through a standardized training camp before the school year starts. Workshop #48 is called, "What to write in a 'Get well soon' card that your teacher is forcing you to write." Glad you're enjoying, Sara :)

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