I Am Now a Sophomore

Ms. Garb,
  It's been a while since you were my fourth grade teacher, but I wanted to write to you and say that I owe all of my life successes directly to you.  My academics skyrocketed, I became a fantastic person, and I remember every single thing you taught me.

Ok, so it wasn't quite like that, but I did get a letter today from an old student I taught six years ago in Louisiana!  She now lives in Arkansas, and I'm in DC, but there it was.  I'm not sure what prompted her to think of writing to me, but it was really cool to hear from a student from so long ago.  After starting with, "I don't know if this is still you or not," Brooke filled me in on all the sophomore year news from cheerleading to her boyfriend, and also about living in Arkansas.  She asked how I was doing, said that she'd like to visit DC some day, and closed with, "Go Gators!"  My Louisiana class mascot definitely did rock.

I wrote back to her all about DC and dug up some old pictures from that school year to send her.  "Yes!" I wanted to write.  "Travel!  Visit Washington, DC!  See the world!  Study hard!  And don't spend all your time with that boyfriend!"  While I didn't actually say it all exactly like that, I think the points got across.

Hooray for random mail from former students!  Have you gotten any blast-from-the-past-I-owe-all-my-successes-to-you letters?


Sparkling said...

not letters, but i have had random kids show up after school a few times. kids who i never thought would grace my doorstep again. and they don't really say thank you, but they have a nice chat with me and it's nice. and it's nice for the kids who are staying after school with me to see that former students come back. especially the one in the fatigues. that REALLY impressed them. i have to admit, it impressed me a little too....

Sarah Garb said...

That's wonderful that kids come back and visit :) We can just count that as a thank you. The fatigues must be totally impressive.

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