Yesterday morning I was making some copies before school in the copy room.  One of my early students, Aria, popped in to throw something away in the trash can, and the headed back to beforecare.  I turned back to the copier after saying "Good morning" and heard an odd noise.

"Boi-oi-oing! Boi-oi-oing! Boi-oi-oing!"

Now, I hear all kinds of noises from the copy machine, especially when it's cranky and decides to eat my papers, but certainly nothing like that.  It definitely wasn't the fax machine, and nobody was around who might have any kind of boi-oi-oing device.  Weird.  The facilities manager walked in but he didn't seem to have heard the boing-ing.

A few minutes later, the facilities manager came up to my classroom, bearing a gift he had found especially for me when he went to move the trash can.

It was a rather alien-looking bunny, and the source of the annoying boing-ing.  The bunny has a hair-trigger (a hare-trigger?) and even the slightest movement will set it off.  Apparently it was too annoying a toy even for a kid.

The boing sound, though, had been actually quite fitting as a sound-effect for Aria popping into the copy room.  There are some kids who enter the room with a boing.  Pretty much every morning, I practically hear a sound-effect when Michael makes his entrance.  "Boi-oi-oing!  I am now here!"

I now have an actual sound that will probably play in my mind each time Michael materializes for the day!

Do you hear a boing! when any of your kids step into the room?


Sarah said...

Yes!! I do hear a boing sometimes when certain kids come in the room! I also hear a "womp womp womp" (disappointed sound) when some kids show up for school who like to cause trouble... ;D

Sarah Garb said...

Hah! They each come in with their own sound, eh? Some very chill with a bit of smooth jazz playing--tsss-ts-ts-tsss....

Janna Qualman said...

That's funny! (But he's also a little eerie looking.)

Thanks for hopping--no pun intended, but that worked well--to my main blog from Ermas. :)

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