Stuff that Sounds Like Other Stuff

Stuff that sounds like other stuff thwarts us daily in the third grade.  "Establishing" is not the same as "publishing."  "Contraction" and "fraction"--also deceptively similar.  And a "tampon" is not the larva form of a frog.  I promise. 

I blame the English language.  Really?  Affect / effect?  Who invented that?  Their / there / they're?  Not cool, English.  And don't get me started on apostrophes.  ir / or / ear / ur / er can all make the same exact sound and some of them can turn a verb into a noun some of the time?  Why CAN'T it be good / gooder / goodest?    

Our latest entry in the "Stuff that Sounds Like Other Stuff" category:  cursor

As I was going around checking kids' spelling cards last week, making sure they knew the meaning of each of their words, I had Jasmine read off her "ur" pattern words.  Scanning her list for any potential words she might not have known, I asked if she knew what a "cursor" was.  "Yeah" she replied.  "Like cursing.  Someone who does it."

Darn you stuff that sounds like other stuff!  You've foiled us again!


Sally said...

It sure makes for an entertaining day. I smiled and laughed, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I did once have to explain the difference between a Porcupine and a Concubine to an 18 year old!

Sarah Garb said...

Oh my...yeah, definitely need to correct that misconception. Can't have someone of legal voting age running around talking about the quills on an adorable concubine!

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