Life Outside of School

It's hard to know exactly what kids think I do when I’m not at school. Perhaps some of them actually envision me out and about doing teacher-personal-time things such as hunting gems, riding unicorns, and then returning to take a nap in the little bedroom I’ve fashioned inside the classroom closet.

One morning, I observed another school’s all-school meeting and came in to school late, around 10:30. While the kids were in the hallway on their bathroom break, I came into the classroom, hung up my coat and put my bags into the closet. Michael came back into the room as I was coming out of the closet. “You were in there the whole time?” he asked, incredulous.


Elaine said...

Kids and their imaginations! This reminds me of a student in my class who asked me the morning after our school's gala night : "Ms. Elaine-did you engage in debauchery in the school building over the weekend?"

My response: "No, I was busy supporting the school with the arts."

Sarah Garb said...

Debauchery?? That's great! I think the answer to a student asking about debauchery should always be, "I was too busy supporting the school."

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