It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Poster Man!

Yes, you too can become your very own superhero!  All it takes is a cape or sufficiently cape-looking item, and you're golden.

Alana, Tarik, and I were busily preparing last week after school for our big school presentation.  We were down the hall, sprawled out on the floor, creating some posters on sticky-backed chart paper.  Packing up all of the materials to head back to the classroom, Alana carried the markers and one poster, Tarik had the meter stick for tracing lines and another poster, and I had my computer and the third poster.  Out of hands to carry the last poster, I stuck it to Tarik's shoulders and we set off down the hall.

"I'm a new superhero" declared Tarik, the air ruffling his paper cape behind him as we walked.  "Poster Man!"

And presto! A new sidekick for Batman or Spiderman was born.  Able to...draw....tall block letters in a single bound.  Fights the evil marker smudges....

Well.  Maybe not.

Alana gave it some thought.  "Poster Man is the worst super hero ever" she declared.  Eh.  He tried.

Three Things You Don't have to Worry About

STOLEN IDEA ALERT: Time magazine publishes various "Things You Don't have to Worry About This Week."  I like it.  I'm borrowing.

Three Things You Don't have to Worry About This Week

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1. Losing Money on iPod Stocks: If you are worried about "retro" music technology becoming the hot new trend, eclipsing sales of mp3 players--never fear.  LPs are not making a comeback--at least not with the eight year old crowd.  Third graders don't even know what they're called, as I discovered last week.  Byron mentioned that his mom, "still has some of those big black CDs you put on a thing that spins."  At least they still know what CDs are...

2. The Decline in Popularity of Looney Toons: Yep--still a favorite among cartoon connoisseurs.   A carefully conducted study this morning during our morning meeting share revealed that Daffy Duck still ranks on lists of favorite cartoon characters.

3. Taboos About Discussing Bodily Functions: One of our vocabulary words this week is "foul," and we certainly had no shortages of examples of foul smells and tastes.  I can assure you.

So rest easy--those are three things you definitely don't need to worry about this week!

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