Here's Lookin' At You

The stage was set.

The actors were in position.

The plastic gavel that's broken on one side from over-eager silencing was in place in the prop box, ready to be used on its other side.

The play began--the culmination of our semester in drama.

The lines happened for the most part at the right time, for the most part with feeling, and for the most part loudly.

None of the other actors told another to "Get your butt up here" or froze and walked off stage.

The music teacher started in on the piano accompaniment for the first song.

I stood in the audience off to the side, gesturing my best, "Sing loudly and like this is the best song in the entire world!" gesture.

They stood in their spots, ready to sing.

And then.

From on stage.

Jeremiah looked right at me.

And winked.

Perhaps the wink was to say, "We got this, Ms. Sarah."

"You can stop all of that gesturing."

Or "I knew all of my lines!"

"I'm kind of a big deal."

"This one goes out to all the ladies."

Or maybe just, "Alllllllriiiiiight.  It's showtime!"

One more performance Thursday--who only knows what I'll get next time.....


Sarah said...

Awwww, glad all the hard work has paid off! That winking is adorable ;)

MamaJ said...

How 'bout, "I love ya, baby."

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