This Post Makes Me Sick

Now is the time when I'm going to advise you to leave this blog....and hop on over to another one.  I'm up today on An Army of Ermas, writing on this month's theme of childhood memories.

If you're wondering whether it's worth going over there, here's a rave review from one commenter:  "This post makes me sick." 

No wait--but it's in a good way!  The whole point of the post is to leave you feeling a little queasy.  Mentally flipping through all of my childhood memories, I realized that an awful lot of the pastimes from my youth involved spinning, flipping, rolling, turning, flopping, or twirling, and generally getting sick to your stomach.  For fun.  Because kids are weird.
I can't say that I was ever mischievous enough to do something like Lisa Dovichi wrote about doing as a kid, but I sure did have more than my fair share of fun crashing into walls.

Are you hooked yet? 

When you're done, pop on back over here for more odd and entertaining childhood memories in the making.  Thirty years from now, Cassidy will be reminiscing with friends about "that time when I put on fake glasses and told everyone they were real and really thought I had my teacher convinced."

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