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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well, tomorrow's the big day. The day to say your lines and say them with FEELING and preferably at the correct time. The day when the audience comes and thus there is NO playing around on pseudo stage. It's finally showcase!

Rehearsals today were a step up from yesterday when I was getting rather worried. Our runthroughs at some points throughout this week were less like a play and more like lines popping up randomly. One or possibly multiple students would hear an uncomfortably long pause in the dialogue, fear that it was his or her line, and just spout the next line he or she could remember. This did not so much lead to a smooth and coherent performance. We're closer to being ready, though, after today, so fingers crossed for a successful play tomorrow! I'm hoping for no freeze-and-walk-offstage situations and for that electricity that having a live audience brings to a performance.

Tomorrow the kids will also get to share their planes which they flew today in the final flight contest. After having to embrace the crappiness of the first draft of the flying machines, I was glad to see that, in fact, the second round of planes flew generally farther and stayed in the air longer. Move over Wright brothers!


Nate said...

It could make for a very avant garde elementary school performance if in the future you did just give them lines that they could say whenever they felt the time was right. I bet there's got to be some very funny sequences! Break a leg!!

Sarah Garb said...

Or maybe if it does happen that the lines are delivered in a random order next Thursday night, I'll just throw a rubber chicken on stage and claim after the fact that the whole production was an intentional avant garde choice for the second grade...