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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello Winter

Second grade is going to be abuzz about THIS on Monday! Maybe this year we'll actually have a snow day or two! Last year was a dud for school cancellation, but it really doesn't take much to close school in Washington, DC.


Mike Rush said...

Thanks so much for finding my blog and commenting. I'm really glad to find your blog too! I have always struggled with the snow day vs. adding a day to the calendar. My colleagues always say that we won't care about an extra day at the end, we'll be so burned out it won't matter. Sometimes we need that break in the middle. Plus, I love snow. Graduated from a HS in Wisconsin. Thanks again for commenting on my blog.

Mike Teacher Food

Sarah Garb said...

Good point, Mike. Thanks for the comment! I think the unexpected joy of a random free day is really what makes a snow day so much better than a scheduled day off at the end of the year. Nothing more in the forecast yet, though...