Three Things You Don't have to Worry About

STOLEN IDEA ALERT: Time magazine publishes various "Things You Don't have to Worry About This Week."  I like it.  I'm borrowing.

Three Things You Don't have to Worry About This Week

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1. Losing Money on iPod Stocks: If you are worried about "retro" music technology becoming the hot new trend, eclipsing sales of mp3 players--never fear.  LPs are not making a comeback--at least not with the eight year old crowd.  Third graders don't even know what they're called, as I discovered last week.  Byron mentioned that his mom, "still has some of those big black CDs you put on a thing that spins."  At least they still know what CDs are...

2. The Decline in Popularity of Looney Toons: Yep--still a favorite among cartoon connoisseurs.   A carefully conducted study this morning during our morning meeting share revealed that Daffy Duck still ranks on lists of favorite cartoon characters.

3. Taboos About Discussing Bodily Functions: One of our vocabulary words this week is "foul," and we certainly had no shortages of examples of foul smells and tastes.  I can assure you.

So rest easy--those are three things you definitely don't need to worry about this week!

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