In a Word....No.

Kids can, at times, be rather poor judges of what would or would not make sense.  

I, at times, have the energy to explain.  At other times, I'm just not up for it.

Last week I had given a co-worker a small gift bag for her birthday.  On her way out at the end of the day, carrying the purple paper bag in her hand, she thanked me for the present. 

Dylan was hanging out in the room after school, waiting to be picked up.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Well, it's Ms. Lesley's birthday today and I got her a gift" I replied.

"Did you get her clothes?" Dylan asked.

I imagined trying to stuff a sweater into the four inch tall gift bag that Ms. Lesley had just left with.

"Little, tiny clothes?" he asked.

"Umm-- "


"No, Dylan.  I did not get her little tiny clothes.  Just--no.  We're going to leave it at that."


Nate said...

Seems like a legitimate question to me :)

Sarah said...

Like, maybe for her Barbie Doll? You know, common sense is not explicitly stated in the state standards, but maybe it should be :)

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