Sounds About Right

Throughout much of elementary school, ridiculous things make just as much sense as probable things. "My teacher has been in the classroom closet for two hours while we've been doing work with another teacher?" Highly likely. "What's making me sick is those little green people like I saw on TV?" Yep, makes perfect sense. "New kid's name is Analyze?" Why the heck not?

Last week, allergies were really flaring up in our classroom. My method for avoiding rubbing an itchy eye is to hold a wet paper towel on it to cool it down a bit, and I sent a few kids last week to go fetch the necessary supplies for this temporary cure. Some of the kids even discovered that they could just fold up the paper towel and tuck it behind the lens of their glasses for hands-free itch relief. The reason for this paper toweling, though, was not obvious to everyone. After carefully wetting, folding, and tucking, Marshall was headed from the bathroom back to class when he ran into a kindergartener. Left to make sense of this encounter, the kindergartener asked Marshall to confirm his suspicion about that wadded up paper towel behind his glasses. "Your eye fell out?"

Thanks to Jane for her overhearing skills!

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Sarah said...

Haha! Gotta love the conclusions the kiddos jump to :)

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