Best Friend Telepathy

Summer is well underway--no school, no homework, lots of time to play with your friends. One thing about friendships I noticed this past year was how important it is to call on your friends during a share.

In our classroom, two kids sign up each day to share during morning meeting. Topics this year ranged from a trip to Baltimore to watch football and eat nachos to a little league trophy to the possibility of maybe hopefully going on a cruise. The actual share itself is only half the fun, though. The other is the ultimate power that comes with being able to call on 5 of your classmates to ask questions. This decision must be made judiciously, especially when there are many more hands than remaining questions. A few times this year I witnessed an interesting phenomenon during the Q&A portion of our morning meetings-the "I am going to call on you, don't worry" look of reassurance. I watched as Malik held out his five fingers to tick down the remaining questions but didn't call on his best friend, Tyson. As Malik got down to two questions to go, he stared at Tyson across the morning meeting circle long enough and intently enough to do a little telepathic exchange. "We are best friends. I am definitely going to call on you, buddy. I will take one more question from some other non-special kid, but the last one I'm saving for you and only you."

Breanna also employed telepathic friend powers at morning meeting this year, staring across at Alexis as the number of remaining share questions dwindled. "I will take your question, friend. I will not leave you hanging" she mentally communicated to Alexis. Breanna then solemnly nodded to confirm the promise, before calling on some other non-Alexis kid.

Sure, I've done a fair bit of breaking up of favoritism during various games this year, but I did particularly appreciate how both Malik and Breanna navigated the best friend dynamic--calling on other classmates while still saving one of the coveted question spots for a very special friend.


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forty-something chick said...

Love it! There are so many of these little nuances that rule the school recess, sharing time, lunch. I think it's very cool how they KNEW to do right by their besties, while including others as well.

I wish more adults would do the same! Glad your summer is ticking along....

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