If the triple digit temperature today wasn't enough proof that summer is here, I'm finally done with the school year!

Last day with kids--check.
Progress reports written, edited, proofed, double checked, printed, copied, stapled, filed--check.
Parent conferences--check.
Math manuals returned--done.
Room cleaned out--yep.
Drawer of confiscated items--emptied.
Half of public library returned--eh, I'll get to it.

And now--I have time to look through the rest of the end of year compliments to everyone in the class. None can really top the one gem I found the other day, but here are a few others I particularly liked.

You focus on the thing the class is doing.

I like when your cheeks turn red which is funny.

Bridget is fancy because she wears fancy clothes.

I like that you follow the rules that I tell you to do.

You sometimes are not my friend but you are my classmate.

Then there's a whole category of compliments praising the absence of a negative. I have no doubt that the compliments in this category are sincere appreciations, they just all sort of hint at an unspoken part 2. "Unlike SOME people...."
He doesn't get into an argument easily. I like how you always pay attention and never are mean. You don't complain about your partners in PE.


Sarah said...

Welcome to summer break!! I'm glad it has finally caught up with you :). And those "compliments" are just priceless!!

Nate said...

Three cheers for summer!

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