Well, nothing much in the mail today. Just some junk mail that I'll put in the usual place (the side of the dinner table, where it accumulates until my husband goes through it and actually opens it to make sure it's not important) and a few magazines, including two health care company magazines with article titles like, "Your Health in Your Hands."

Nothing funny, quirky, or in a bright blue envelope.

I sent my students off a couple of weeks ago with self-addressed, stamped envelopes in all shades of bright colors and the instructions to write me a letter. While I generally like to pretend the students don't exist over the summer, I like to hear from them every so often, with something funny or quirky, or some important update, like Michaela's news last year that her family got cloth napkins. In past years I've gotten letters as early as the very first day of summer, but so far nothing.

Until something sufficiently amusing or informative arrives, I'll post some summer letters I've gotten in years past.

Dear, Ms. Garb
is June 7. Kim possible just came to disney. I really like that show. I just came from swimming. I'm very cold. I hope you're having much fun as me
Your student


forty-something chick said...

Awesome idea! You could publish a book with all the wacky things the kids tell you they are doing...or that their parents are doing, and you shouldn't be hearing about it!

If only it took a Kim Possible episode and a cold romp in the swimming pool to make your summer complete, right?!

Teachingeasyas123 said...

That is a fabulous idea....not sure how it'd work for my kindergartners, but actually a few of them left my class reading and writing so it is possible. I will definitely use this idea next year. And I agree with you about the "pretending they don't exist over the summer." LOL

Sarah Garb said...

I'd love to see a kindergartener give her summer run-down in a letter!

And yes, we'd be all set if our only needs or wants this summer were TV + pool :)

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