Yes...That Explains It....

Here in Washington, DC, we've just come off of a long heat wave and are....heading into another one with highs near 100 just in time for the Fourth of July (also known to DeMarcus as "when the Earth was created").
  The heat can explain many things happening around the city--the fountain packed with children cooling off in the water spurting up from tiles, the people carrying umbrellas for shade, the ice cream trucks doing a brisk business.
  High temperatures can't explain everything you might see around the city, though. One year, summer temperatures hadn't yet faded, but school had started for the year and we were walking back from the field. The field we use for outdoor PE is about four blocks away and across a very busy street. "Look where you're going!" I always caution as we approach the intersection. "Hurry up! Walk walk walk! We have SEVEN SECONDS LEFT TO CROSS!"

  After we had crossed the intersection that day, Tyrica noticed a man at the bus stop across the street. He was laying half on the ground and half on the bench in a drunken stupor while a couple of other people near him waited for the bus.

"Uh...why's that guy layin' on the ground like that?" Tyrica asked as we walked by.

"Hmmm..." I thought. "How to explain?" "Well....he's probably....passed out." I said.

"Yeah" Tyrica replied. "It is hot out!"

Yes, yes. We'll go with that.



forty-something chick said...

Yes, adults sometimes are overcome by heat and find comfort by lying down anywhere that's handy....under a park bench, at the bus stop, on the couch. That's a perfect story, I'd stick to it!

Nate said...

By the time November rolled around, she probably thought he had a very low tolerance for heat! Also, I'm digging the new look of the blog!

Sarah said...

Ha! Great story! I do feel like passing out from the heat down here in Texas too :)

Sarah Garb said...

Sounds like a plan--I'll stick to this very plausible explanation :)

Texas must not be fun right now!

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