^ Mama Octopus

OK.  Vocabulary test.  I got this.

Marine?  Hah!  I could use marine in a sentence in my SLEEP!

Let's see here, question number ten.  "The marine scientist....."

What would a marine scientist study?  Definitely something from the sea.  Let's go with an octopus.  Yep--our marine scientist will be studying an octopus.  But this is no ordinary marine scientist here - she's investigating an under-explored frontier - the marine creatures of puddles.  And not just any puddles, mind you--puddles the size of raindrops.  Yes, this marine scientist is a pioneer in the field of tiny underwater habitats.

But wait!  Must revise.  The only thing better than a marine scientist who studies octopi in miniature puddles is one who studies the mother octopi of said puddles.

Let's see...just add a caret....and....perfect!


Sarah said...

Now THAT is creative writing :D

pooj and jess said...

I miss these vocabulary tests!

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