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Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Coming....


You can tell when it's getting to be the end of October not just by the turning leaves on the trees but by the contents of a teacher's pockets.  Distracting items end up getting taken away year-round (rubber bands, unbent paperclips, and erasers constitute the bulk of the confiscated goods), but I knew we were getting close to Halloween last week when I ended up with a stick-on mustache in my pocket by the end of the day.

Lunchtime conversations and Morning Meeting shares also turn towards Halloween, with kids wanting to tell each other all the details of their supremely scary costume or sharing their recently-picked pumpkin.  Rodney hauled his into class the other day to display at Morning Meeting, where Donivan was particularly impressed with its resemblance to his own. 

"I have the same kind of pumpkin.  With the stem" Donivan told Rodney, leaving me wondering just how much variety Donivan thinks is out there in the world of pumpkin options.  The stem is...rather a defining feature of a pumpkin, but clearly he found it quite the unique coincidence.

I am hoping we can hold it together throughout the day today and manage to learn at least something despite everyone internally counting down the minutes until the costumes can go on and the trick-or-treating can begin! 


Nate said...

Learning on Halloween? Come on :) I remember that my elementary school just caved: we wore our costumes to school and paraded through all the classrooms. Good luck!

Sarah said...

Ummm, I think Oct. 31st should be a nationwide holiday. And I think every November 1st should be an all day professional development day for teachers. That way we can just avoid all the craziness :)
(Seriously though I think I want one of those stick on mustaches!!!)

Sparkling said...

OMG those moustaches are making me twitch. Last year, I had a student who was internally suspended and was supposed to be making a glog on glogster. He told me and the assistant principal that he had done it all. Proudly told us he had worked that whole time to do what he needed to do. So I asked him to show me. Instead of a glog full of information about a monument in Paris, the ENTIRE PAGE was filled with moustaches and yellow chicks. I almost lost my mind.