Welcome to the Building

From name games to name tags to calling a parent by the wrong name the other day, it's all about names at this point in the new school year.  As my new students could tell by the rainbow colored nametag I wore the first few days, I go by "Ms. Sarah."  As my new students could tell when I reminded them of my actual name, I don't go by "Teacher."  The occupational therapist is currently known as, "That Lady," so we'll have to do a little review there.

In my apartment building, however, there are no handy nametags, which has led to a very unimaginative naming system based on neighbors' most salient features.  If you kind of do some crazy stuff in the hallway or elevator--you'll go by Crazy Lady.  I've got a piece up at An Army of Ermas today about coworker moved into my apartment building.

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Sarah said...

If kids call me "teacher", I call them "student" - that really throws them :).

I loved your piece over at Erma's!!!

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