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Friday, September 23, 2011

Direct to Mouth

Last year I posted about the Direct-to-Mouth Chute with which I'm sure many of you are familiar.  You know - the conduit that brings a third grader's internal thoughts straight from the brain to the mouth.  There are no stops along this express route--just bam!  I thought it up and now you're hearing it.

Image: Dreamstime
Much of what comes flying down this chute would be better off diverted to the Personal Revelations of No Concern to Others storage bin, but that's the thing with the Direct-to-Mouth Chute --there's no diversion of thoughts - they're all comin' at you whether you want 'em or not.

This week, though, I realized that amid copious items in the Personal Revelations of No Concern to Others category spewing from the aforementioned chute, there are a few Personal Revelations of Great Entertainment Value to the Teacher.

We were estimating and rounding numbers to the nearest ten--or, as many teachers call them, "Friendly Tens."  10, 60, 120, 170 are easy to work with, to add, to subtract, and what's more friendly than that?

Wilson's thought was cooked up and hurled down the Chute before I could even say "What friendly ten does 48 round to?"

"Tens ain't friendly.  My cousin's ten and he's not friendly."


Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, how I love Wilson! If I recall, most ten-year-olds aren't as friendly as numbers.

How lovely to have laughter moments among the hair-pulling ones, eh?

Sarah said...

Haha, I love it!!! And kindergartners have the same Direct-to-Mouth Chute as 3rd graders! (One little girl raised her hand during calendar to tell me she was wearing new panties!). Gotta love it!

Sarah Garb said...

Woah--now THAT is what I call direct-to-mouth! New panties are something that your classmates do NOT need to know about.