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Somewhere in this whirlwind end of the school year, I saw my first class of third graders at this school head off to high school, and marveled with my current class about how they've changed over the last two years.  From their first day pictures in second grade to their end of third grade pictures, front teeth sprouted, faces changed, and glasses appeared.

Third grade was the first time they had been part of the school dance competition.  You know you're growing up when you put on your best suit and stand in dance position, waiting for the music to start so you can Merengue your little behind off to win first prize.  Being able to finally join in the competition with the big kids is a much anticipated milestone, often included in end of year letters of advice to incoming third graders.

Third grade was also the first year of standardized testing.  All that bubbling means you're really mature now.  They also know how to multiply and write at least somewhat in cursive.    

They TEXT each other.  And by this age, they even have credit cards!  Well.  Sort of.

Last week, we were starting to clean out their group boxes and send work home when I found a card lying on the ground.  "Whose is this?" I asked.  Brittany spoke up.  "Oh!  That's my credit card."

Not ready to let her friend claim that much maturity, Keanna interrupted to set the record straight.  "No--it ain't a credit card.  It's a library card.  You just go get books from there."

So maybe they're not yet old enough to charge it, but my kids are off to fourth grade!  But first....summer!

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Sarah said...

Yay for SUMMER!! And I can't believe they're texting at this age - really?!? I love that your school has a dance thing ... so much more exciting than all of that bubbling!

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