Carnival of Education

I'd like to give a shout out to J.M. Holland at Emergent Learner for hosting the latest Carnival of Education!  He describes several education-related posts around the web for which he's thankful (it's that thankful time of year, people!) and I'm thankful that he included me!  I'm also thankful for the recent treasure trove of club documents that I've managed to get my hands on outlining the girls' plans for spying on kids and for "messing with" the boys.  I really can't make this stuff up, so it's helpful when the kids comply and dump nuggets of gold into my mailbox.

But wait!  There's more!  I am updating my thankfulnes to include a mention in the same post as a former Secretary of Education!  Yes, Margaret Spellings and I now share a page at The Quick and the Ed.  I'm assuming, though, that her link is of more serious and important education commentary than mine....which is about poop.

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