It Really Really Tastes Right

I swear this is not vegetarian evangelism, but I always do a turkey persuasive writing around this time of year in class. The kids decide if they're going to manufacture some mostly made up arguments and proof for eating turkey, or some mostly made up arguments against.

You should eat turkey. Please eat turkey. It is so delicious! eat turkey because you will get strong. You should eat turkey because it is in KFC. You should eat turkey because you eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

People should not eat turkey. You could get bird flu. You wouldn’t like it if someone ate you. I’m nasty. Do not eat turkey.

Don’t eat turkey. Why do you want to eat me? I’m chewy. You will be chewing me for a month or 2! In anchient egypt, they worsheped us. So don’t eat little young me!

You showd eat turkey because you wont starve to deaf and you really will not turn into a turkey it really really taste right

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