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Saturday, September 25, 2010

This May Sound Shocking

Turning over the attention of the entire class to an eight-year-old can be a little risky at times.  Who knows what they might say?  During morning meeting, two students share each day and the content of their shares is usually not vetted ahead of time.  I open the floor to whoever's signed up and we await the topic of the share.  For the most part, the shares are about new pets, upcoming trips, or some collection of special objects. 

This week, though, I started to get a little nervous as Thomas began his share and briefly wished that the morning meeting shares were somehow on a 5 second broadcast delay and that I had a censoring buzzer.

 The share began, "At the age of eight you can have different things." 

"Hmmmm."  I thought, hoping this start was not leading towards some sort of recent talk between Thomas and his dad that included, "You're getting older now, son, and there are changes that will start happening to your body."  What sort of "different things" are we talking about, here? 

Thomas continued, "This may sound shocking but...."

No no--morning meeting is not the venue for anything shocking, thanks.  I opened my mouth in preparation for a quick intervention and change of topic.

"I actually have....." 

This drawn-out and highly sensationalized introduction was killing me!

"...a nephew." 

Oh, OK.  You have a nephew.  Phew!  We can handle that.  Now on to questions or comments from the class for Thomas, when we turn our attention over to yet another eight-year-old, out of whose mouth might come something completely unexpected.  Best to just stay prepared for that quick intervention and change of topic.


Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Wow, that was a close one, huh? I just keep filling in the blank with all the horrid possibilities of things you'd have to explain or shove under the rug...

Mrs. Fine said...

And this is when I try to keep my face as still and calm as possible so that when the other students gasp and turn to me, I look as natural as can be...as though there is nothing ever shocking said! ;)

Sarah Garb said...

Exactly! There's the mental filling in the blanks, like a "Shocking Topics Mad Libs," while at the same time keeping the straight face!

melissa {adventuroo} said...

Oh that's too cute. I love what kids think is shocking. My little guy does this sort of thing and it cracks me up!

Sarah said...

Whew!! Too funny :) So glad that that ended well--that could have been SUCH a disaster!!

teachin' said...

The kid knows how to hook his audience!

Sarah Garb said...

So true, Ms. Teachin'! This week in Writer's Workshop, we were just talking about story openings that hook you. Maybe I'll get Thomas to recreate his hype as an example of hooking your audience :)