Her Mom's a Secretary

My cousin was in from out of town this weekend, and we showed him around the DC sights--the Capitol, the monuments, the many stately embassies. To add to the excitement, there's always the possibility in DC of running into a government rock star--or of having one run into you. My husband saw Bill Clinton on the Georgetown campus. He also crossed paths with Jenna Bush when she was teaching second grade at a school across the street from our apartment. My brother, a chef in DC, cooked lunch for Laura Bush at his restaurant. My contribution to the government celebrity count was to get rear-ended by a cabinet member's Chief of Staff. I've seen the Vice President pulling out of the White House late one evening as well as multiple motorcades, and one of my former students' parents worked for a cabinet member.

Ellen shared at morning meeting one day about her mother's job with the Secretary of Commerce. After she finished the share, she took questions and comments. Mykell had clearly misunderstood the job title, but this did not prevent her from trying to one-up Ellen. “See, her mom is a secretary" explained Mykell. "My mom is a manager and HAS a secretary.”

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