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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soap--The New Dessert Craze

   It will not come as a surprise to anyone when I say that kids really like candy.  What's more--they like anything that tastes like candy, regardless of whether or not that thing they just put in their mouths actually belongs to the incredibly delicious family of candy products.
  Case in point--one year I found Darius, one of my third grade students, behind the cubbies squirting spray-able cherry candy down Isaiah's throat.  Oh wait--except that it was NOT spray-able cherry candy but rather cherry-flavored Chloraseptic.  Eh, candy / medicine.  Potato / potahto.  A technical distinction irrelevant to eight-year-olds.

  I, too, am a huge fan of candy.  I am also a fan of things that look like other things.  Pencils that look like drumsticks!  A coin purse passing as a cassette tape!  Imagine my delight when I happened upon this fantastically good idea:
  Yes, that's right.  It's SOAP that looks like Swedish Fish!  In fact, the makers have an Etsy store with a veritable candy store's worth of soap products!  (Now I'd like you to stop imagining my delight and start imagining my disappointment that I hadn't thought of this brilliant idea first.)
   I practically cleaned out the store of Swedish Fish, gummy bears, and Life Savers.  All soap.  The Swedish Fish looked great next to the sink in my bathroom and lasted about two days before I discovered their crucial flaw:  An incredible urge to eat candy every time I went to wash my hands.  Specifically, the urge to just pop those little red pieces right into my mouth.  I finally had to switch back to regular old bathroom soap that doesn't look like anything but what it is.  How boring.
  Regardless of its ultimate ineffectiveness as hand soap, I still just love the candy soap.  I've given it as gifts to a few people already and really want to bring some sudsy Life Savers to give to a friend I'm visiting later this week.  The only trouble is--she has three kids under six.  Is giving soap that looks like candy to someone with three young kids just asking for trouble?  Hmmmm.....

At any rate--I'll at least be sure to not leave my cherry-flavored Chloraseptic in plain view when I go to visit!
Life Savers Image: LoveLeeSoaps


Sherri said...

I love it! My son is a huge Swedish fish fan, would make a great April Fools Day prank! They all look so tempting, I would be hungry for candy after washing my hands, too.

I was at a street fair recently where a booth had these round, scented salts in jars, all with awesome sounding "flavors". Hubby handed me one and I thought it was a candy....let's just say, that didn't end well...ugh.

periperijane said...

Now everyone knows your achilles heels. watch out, the free homework passes in exchange for gummy things shaped like objects in real life are about to fly!

Laura said...

Swedish Fish are my weakness, they are so incredibly delicious. Soap that looks like candy is just a horrible idea, for so many reasons... especially if you have kids. Although, the whole "washing your mouth out with soap" ideal just got a new meaning ;)

Sarah said...

That's a great story about the cherry medicine! And those soaps are so fun! I'm going to have to go check out that Etsy seller ;)

Sarah Garb said...

So apparently it's not just kids one needs to worry about with soap that looks or smells like candy!

I did end up giving them the soap...so it might come in handy if one of the kids says a bad word--love that idea ;)

juanitalee said...

I am hiding the cherry coughdrops from my great niece and nephew and trying to explain that they seem like candy but that they are not.

Gummy Bear soap..... eeeew.

Alyson -- Common Sense, Dancing said...

I hopped over from Old Tweener....

Love this site! I'll be back!

I had to share: when I was an infant in the bathtub, I used to chew on Ivory soap. My mom, an RN, figured it was 99.9% pure (or whatever the advertised), and so she let me.

To this day, I have a thing about soap. I just want to bite it. Particularly Ivory AND Irish Spring (original).

It tastes salty, BTW. But not unpleasant.