Look at This!

I went to PE yesterday and was amazed by the wide array of fancy tricks that second graders like to try with a basketball during stations.

"Ms. Sarah, Ms. Sarah. Look at me!"

"Hold on Patrick, I'm watching Orlando dribble the ball three times and then bam! Knee dribble. Woah."

"Ms. Sarah, watch this!"

"Hold on Nick, I'm watching Patrick defy gravity by spinning the ball for about an eighth of a rotation, but I'm making a pretty big deal of it."

"Look at this Ms. Sarah! Watch!"

"Hold on DeAngelo, I'm watching Nick bounce the basketball with extreme concentration and then sort of dribble it through his legs and lose control of it most times but sometimes he gets it and is very proud."

"Look at me! Look at me!"

"Hold on Lucas, I'm watching DeAngelo's ultra fancy leg-over-ball dribbling."


teachin' said...

They're so cute when they want your attention, aren't they?

Sarah Garb said...

Yes! And they just love having the attention of the teacher or the other kids! Jake literally said on pajama day, "Who wants to look at ME?!"

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