Pajama Day

Today was Pajama Day! It was also the day we ate popcorn during math, the day the kindergarten sold cupcakes and second graders could buy one, the day before spring break, the day that Caden brought in some cookies for everyone for snack, and the day of the math competition. Really just a whole day of specialness. The main star of the day, though, was definitely the pajamas.

Jake entered the room this morning in his pajamas and matching robe and literally the first words out of his mouth were, "Who wants to look at ME ?!" Now, when I go to a party with, let's say, a new sweater on, or a new haircut, I sometimes feel like asking everyone, "Who wants to look at ME?" but that option is not available to adults. We have to stick either a) with waiting to see if anyone notices and then saying something like, "Oh this old thing?" b) trying to subtly draw attention to the special look. New pair of shoes? Try commenting on the host's floors. Snazzy necklace? Run your fingers along it every once in a while until someone notices.

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