Wow! I received a great compliment today from fellow blogger and teacher, Sarah B., at Confessions of an Untenured Teacher. No, I'm not talking about the kind of pseudo compliments my kids sometimes give each other during our end-of-year compliment exchange, ("He is short but still smart")--Sarah gave me this blog award, and I'm thrilled! Sarah shares about funny moments in her classroom, the successes of her students, and is not afraid to share things that didn't go well in her classroom. Thanks Sarah B.!

I'd like to continue the compliments with some shout outs to other bloggers I love to read. And it's not because they can snap really fast or that they scoot their desks over nicely when asked, though I'm sure that they are all very fast snappers and polite desk scooters. Their blogs are great and you should check them out!

Ms. Teachin' at I'm a Dreamer shares inspiring stories from her eighth grade language arts classroom and I love to follow her ups and downs with the students. And talk about a dedicated teacher - Ms. Teachin' opened the school on a Saturday for her kids!

Mr. Halpern at Look at My Happy Rainbow finds touching and funny stories in everyday classroom moments. I admire how he can turn a cartwheel or three cookies into a post!

I want to give a shout out to fellow Teach for America alum Mr. D at I Want to Teach Forever for his multi-media reflections on teaching and for his bravery in sharing his journal from his first few years of teaching.

I am right there with Mrs. Awesome at Mrs. Awesome Blogs as she worries about every detail leading up to a school performance! And you, too, might just become a new fan of BUNCO after reading her description of the game.

An Army of Ermas just recently caught my attention, and boy did it suck me in! This is a great collection of posts from different humor writers, run by Stacey Graham. The "new generation of disgruntled housewives" tackles everything from buying undergarments to newfangled name spellings.

Go check them out!


TeachEnEspanol said...

I agree with every name on that list! Isn't is great when someone recognizes you for all the awesome you possess? :)

Sarah Garb said...

Recognition is definitely wonderful! It's nice to have a chance to share with those 5 on my list that I think they're great too! Instead of just stalking them via their blogs...

Vivienne said...

Yaaaaaaaay! You're awesome and so is your blog.

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