Well, it's getting to be that time. Our final performance is over, we're doing the end of year tests, recess is getting very sweaty.

At this magical time we call the end of the year, I ask students to share what they value about each other. Many children believe that one’s net worth as a friend is determined by some combination of how tall you are and how fast you can snap your fingers. They write compliments about their classmates, which I then compile and type up for each person to keep.

Knowledge of math facts is universally acknowledged among third graders to be quite admirable. Bravery with regard to ferocious animals, while less common, also appears to be a trait worth having. Some of the compliments are extremely specific and remarkably accurate. You know, Da’Von is quite skilled at unjamming the stapler, now that you mention it.

He is brave. He is not scared of dangerous animals.

What’s great about Melvin is that when you ask him to scoot his desk over, he does it nicely.

She is gentle. She never push when she is trying to go somewhere.

He is very smart and cool because he helped me with riddles.

She is a very good dancer. I seen her dance at recess

He can snap really fast.

He has great information about Dragon Ball Z.

Some compliments are a bit of a stretch.

She is very athletic for a girl.

She is the tallest girl of girls and boys in the class.

He is short but still smart.

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