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Saturday, February 20, 2010

If I Were 100 Feet Tall....

For the hundredth day of school, the morning work was to imagine what you would do in various exciting but impossible situations involving quantities or measurements of 100. I learned that Brian would like to jump in a pool filled with "100 dolphins you could ride on", and that TyQuon would not like to "be in school" for 100 minutes. Sorry friend, you're actually in school for many hundreds of minutes...

The question about what you'd do if you were 100 feet tall generated a variety of responses, some of which only eight-year-olds could come up with.
  • Mario would reach into space--really a great use of the extra height.
  • TyQuon would also use the height advantage to do something cool. If I were 100 feet tall, I would be an excellent basketball player.
  • It occurred to Michaela that this new size would require a trip to the big & tall store. If I were 100 feet tall, I would get a hundred size clothes.
  • Christopher would put his giant body to use for the good of all other children, making a superior if perhaps a bit uncomfortable form of entertainment. If I were 100 feet tall, I would make a water slide with my body.
  • Dylan and Ariana both situated their 100-foot selves among tall buildings, one industriously and one purely for fun. If I were 100 feet tall, I would help people make big buildings. If I were 100 feet tall, I would play with people on sky scrapers.
  • Brittany also planned to use her size to accomplish a certain task and to contribute to the good of the tree-loving world, though I personally would think that being extraordinarily tall would be somewhat of a disadvantage when putting things into the ground. If I were 100 feet tall, I could help people plant trees.
How would YOU finish that sentence? If I were 100 feet tall....

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