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Monday, February 8, 2010

School and the Funny Things that Happen There: Closed

Well, there will be no funny kid quotes from today..snow day! When I taught in Louisiana, we got a dusting of snow once or twice, and the next day the kids would always be talking about the snowmen they supposedly made with less than an inch of snow. Well this DC storm, otherwise known as Snowpocalypse / Snowmageddon / SNOMG has dumped around 25 inches of snow on the city this weekend.
  It was a close one, though, with the District at first declaring a two-hour delay and then finally changing it to a cancellation. And more snow is on the way Tuesday and Wednesday! The kids might forget what school is.
  Perhaps this weekend's 100th day project is staving off cabin fever for a bit longer for some families. Today is the 100th day of--well let's put it this way. Friday was the 99th day of school (I suppose only day #98.5 if we're being technical with the storm-related early closing), so whenever we next go to school will be the 100th day of school. Somehow it has evolved in elementary schools that this day of 10x10 is cause to celebrate the number one hundred in all its forms--I've heard of schools doing a sausage 1 with two pancake zeroes for the hundredth day, and then a slew of other 100th day related projects. Finding the percents of different color M&Ms in a handful to celebrate 100, doing 100 math problems, or making the number 100 in as many ways as possible. One of my favorites is being quiet for 100 seconds. In past years I've read a poem with 100 words, skip counted various ways to 100, had a writing project about how you'd spend $100, and had kids string together 100 pieces of cereal to make necklaces. Phew! This year I'm cutting back on some the 100th day projects in favor of more of our normal lessons, but we're still going to work in some hundreds.

  Over the weekend, the kids had to create a collection of 100 things, or bring in a string that's 100 centimeters, or change a recipe so that it serves 100 people. Now with this added time snowed in at home, some kids might be doing more than one hundredth day collection! 100 times asking mom to go out and play in the snow....watching 100 cartoons....making 100 snowballs....checking the school closings list 100 times....
  Whether they're working on collections of 100 or not, we've gotten over 100 centimeters of snow this winter--plenty for at least a few snowmen.
Washington Monument photo from AFP / Getty Images


Nate said...

Nice post! And very fortuitous timing with the 100th day--it is a perfect snow day project!

Sarah Garb said...

Maybe for this new snowstorm coming Tuesday/Wednesday I should assign a 101st day of school project....watch 101 Dalmations, make a collection of 101 things...