Havin' A Lot of Good Things

My hot date Friday night? Yep, going to the school dance. It was actually a lot of fun to see the kids all dressed up, not in uniform, and to dance and be silly with them. Another teacher and I went and wore ourselves out doing various slides (both electric and cha cha), the Cupid Shuffle, and a little swing. We found out that the answer to, "How low can you go?" for us was "not very," but for many kids it was definitely "all the way to the floor." Some of the parents were out there having a great time dancing, too.
  My lightsaber buddy Jerome was there, all dressed up in a suit coat! Just the day before, I had run into him on our first day back from a twelve day blizzard/holiday break, and he gave me a huge grin. "Every day I come to school," he said, "it seems like I'm havin' a lot of good things!" Last night's dance was definitely one of those good things!

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