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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Samuel Alito Thinks I'm Funny

Today I received THE.  Most.  Amazing.  Card.  EVER.

Even from just the front, there were already two fancy components: a sticker AND scented marker.  If I had to guess on the flavor I'd say purple sugar.  But it gets far, far better. 

Yes, Mariana made me a card with all nine Supreme Court Justices.  And they are all saying something about me: Samuel Alito thinks I'm funny!  Chief Justice Roberts thinks I'm a great teacher!  I have taught Ruth Bader Ginsburg a lot! (All of our after school tutoring sessions have clearly been paying off.)  Clarence Thomas says Ya!

Everyone's been hearing plenty this week from the Justices on the subjects of health care and  
broccoli, but it's nice to know that on this, at least, they're all in agreement.

You see....our class went to the Supreme Court yesterday.  That's right - smack in the middle of the case with the most hours scheduled for debate in 45 years.  Yeah...the one with tons of protesters.  We didn't know when we scheduled the trip that this would be the situation, but as we debated whether or not to reschedule, I figured it would either be a really cool time to be there, or we'd get swallowed up by a mass of protesters. 

Turns out it was a really cool time to be there.  We got to see some protesters but avoided any swallowing up.  We learned all about the Court, got to sit in the courtroom, AND this place had brochures.  Eight-year-olds categorically love brochures, pamphlets, free newspapers, and any other form of paper they can get their hands on to read, look at, and then roll up to use as a spyglass.  We took a few ("But we don't need a hundred"), some of which had photos of all of the Justices.  Perfect for our Supreme Court scavenger hunt / thing to occupy us while we waited in line, and also perfect, as it turns out, for making amazing cards.

It was a tough decision to boot out my previous best card ever from the number one spot, but this one was pretty excellent.