Every day as the last thing I do in my classroom before heading home, I check my mailbox.

Fan mail today?  Nope.  Just two notes about needing a new dry erase marker and a complaint about a boy that sits nearby on the carpet.

How about now?  Out of luck.  But there is a notebook request that starts with a rather unique opening for someone asking a favor.  Plus a question about when we're going to have the pretzels for snack.

Today there's got to be some....OK--not so much "fan mail" as "petition to move to a new table."

But today, I did get some actual fan mail--not in my classroom mailbox, but via email from a complete stranger who read my McSweeney's list today.  I do love the fan mail!  Complaint notes, though--those I could do without.

Check out my McSweeney's list here!

And if you want to pre-order the newest couch from Crate and Barrel.....

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