In third grade, some pretend play and imagination happens way off in the realm of "This is nothing at all like real life."

"Hey!  I'm E.T!" for example.  "This thing I just built can fly into space!"  Or, "Check out my amazing lightsaber."  And let's not forget Brandon's plan for miniature bulldozers to push around people's blood, thus bringing them back to life.

Much of the pretend, though, is actually a very close reconfiguration of reality--claiming (almost convincingly) to wear glasses when you really don't, playing the part of the teacher in a lunchtime conversation.

During a recent Morning Meeting, Marissa shared the Lego living quarters she had built.

"Here's two beds, a fan, some sausage.  I had some fried chicken, but I couldn't find it."

Nothing says "wild and crazy pretend scenario" like lunch foods and a mundane electrical appliance.  Yep - third graders inhabit quite the Twilight Zone of imagination.

One question from the audience related to the Regular Daily Life in Miniature share was, "When you get home, do you make the Lego people have a party in there?"  And as we found out, yes, Marissa stages a party with the Lego people in their very regular environment.  Perhaps this is even followed up by some Lego homework time and the washing of the Lego dishes.

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