More Effective than eHarmony

Are you looking for love this Valentine's Day?  If so, you won't want to miss the tips I've posted over at An Army of Ermas today!  One of my favorite quotes from a confiscated love note would definitely work as a pick-up line, no?

How are you doing?  Fine?  Sexy?  How?

And once that seals the deal for you in the world of dating, you'll most certainly want this marriage advice from eight year olds.  There's a handy reference tool to use to know if someone is right for you to marry, which includes Aliyah's litmus test:  Think about the good times and bad times. If you had a lot of bad times, he is not your man.


Sally said...

Hey Sarah, I caught your blog post over at Army of Ermas. I'm in education (college) but have wonderful memories of working with elementary classes. I enjoyed reading through your stories.

Sarah said...

Loved your post over at the Army of Ermas :). And I think that's some solid wisdom from an 8 your old!

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