Mini Vacation Reality

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Recipe for a Mini Vacation

1 Professional Development Day

1 Day Off that Teachers and Students All Need

2 Weekend Days

1 Presidents' Day

Bake at 350.  Enjoy!

Pre-Mini Vacation Optimism

Wow!  So much time off!  I will relax.  And yet I will also be super productive!  I will sleep in and go to the fabric store to buy materials for a new sewing project!  And I will grade the writing stories!  I will watch a couple of movies!  And I will also fit in some planning!

I'll give students a very short, optional packet of work over the mini-vacation to keep their brains active.  It'll be a good chance for them to keep their skills fresh and stave off vacation boredom!  They'll still have plenty of time to recharge!  And though the packet is optional, the kids will relish the prospect of reading and doing math in their time off!

The Bubbles are Burst
Well.  The mini vacation has now come and gone.  Not so much with the being super productive.  I decided to take a real break from work and to not grade.  I did fit in a quick trip to the library to check out some books on government before our expedition kickoff Tuesday.  We'll see how the kickoff day goes tomorrow--I still judge a kickoff by how many tears are shed.  It's not a success unless someone's crying!  Mostly, though, I relaxed and sewed over the break.

As for the students' optional vacation packet, that bubble was burst before the break even started.  I had two early helpers last week assist with stapling the packets together.  As he dutifully helped staple the pages, LeRoy looked up at me and cocked his head to one side.  "Ms. Sarah," he said.  "You know a lot of kids ain't gonna be doin' this."


Sparkling said...

show us what you sewed!!

Sarah Garb said...

Well...OK! I went back and put in a picture in the post. It's a baby quilt for a friend - I found the cutest jungle fabric!

Sarah said...

Haha! LeRoy speaks the truth!! Glad you got some good R&R in there (and I love the quilt!)

Sparkling said...

love it!!!! i especially like the bORDER!!!!

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