Go ahead.  Just say it aloud.  Pedoodle.  You're giggling a little, aren't you.

Pedoodle, in addition to being a highly entertaining word to say aloud to yourself, is a game I play from time to time with my kids at morning meeting. 

 The object of Pedoodle is to try to make the guesser guess a mystery word by saying different sentences as clues.  In place of the mystery word you use the word pedoodle.  And if you can believe it, as comical as the word is itself, pedoodle sounds even funnier when used in the context of a sentence that is in all other ways trying to be completely serious.

  Our first suggestion for a mystery word today was chicken.  Once the guesser re-entered the room, we had, "A pedoodle lives in a barn."  Ha!  A pedoodle!  Living in a barn!  Then it was on to, "I like to eat fried pedoodle."  Ahah!  Pedoodle, fried!  After a few other clues, the guesser correctly deduced the mystery word.

  Our next mystery word was suggested by Terralyn.  Try your hand at guessing this one:

  *Pedoodles hang out.
  *Pedoodles smell like rotten eggs.

   If you guessed "teenagers," you are correct!  Entertaining for all, a challenge to try to guess the mystery word in as few clues as possible, and a creativity exercise, Pedoodle can also at times be a window into what, exactly, kids think (that is, if you're not already getting a live feed from their brains non-stop).
   So what do third graders think of teenagers?  As it turns out, they have some pretty vivid images of teenagers, and some strong opinions.  Yes, those teen--I mean pedoodles are known for all of their hanging out.  And if you've spent time with pedoodles lately, or even some pre-pedoodles, it's true.  Some do not smell so fresh.

  "YOU will be a pedoodle!" foretold Nyla, which was perhaps a scarier prospect for some of the still-eight-year-olds than others.

  Duncan finished off the round with one last clue.  "I HATE pedoodles!"

  Let this be a lesson to all of you smelly, loitering pedoodles out there--you have a little PR work to do with the third grade crowd.


Mrs. Fine said...

Hilarious! Now I can only imagine what kind of PR those teenagers would carry out...

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE it!!!

Sherri said...

Wow, makes you wonder what the teenagers think of the 3rd graders!! Very funny...sounds like fun!

Sarah said...

Haha! No kidding!! Poor pedoodles, what a bad rep...

Sarah Garb said...

Well Sherri--if the teenagers think that third graders pick their noses and make unfunny jokes....they're pretty much spot on!

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