The Most Interesting Third Graders in the World

My third graders have recently had all kinds of amazing adventures and experiences.  Sky diving!  Meeting President Obama!  In fact, I've even heard that sharks have a week dedicated to them. Yes, just like those Dos Equis commercials, my kids have lately been the most interesting third graders in the world. 

If you believe them.

The complete exposé on how our morning meeting has become a bed of lies can be found today at An Army of Ermas!

If you're dropping in from Ermas, I'll catch you up on what's been new lately: direct from brain to mouth thoughts and pooping out plants.  Yep, you're now caught up on the latest major happenings of the third grade.


Sarah said...

Loved it! Beautifully written :)

Nate said...

Some of your best work yet! And *I* am not embellishing :)

Sherri said...

Ooh, another Erma post! Off to check it out..congrats!

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