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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sugar And...

No classroom teacher likes to see a frown on the Spanish teacher's or the art teacher's face at the end of a specials class.  What I do love to see, however, indicating all of the impulse control, hard work, listening, focusing, and getting along that a great Spanish class entails, is a sticker.  Yes, the Spanish teacher's got a bottomless bag of stickers and doles them out for terrific performances by the Turtles.

When I saw the kids coming down the hall today, everyone with both fists proudly aimed at me, showing off not one, but TWO stickers, I was, of course, doubly pleased.  "You got TWO stickers today?" I asked.  "No!" they informed me, the be-stickered backs of their hands still high in the air.  "TWO top-of-the-TOP stickers!"  The bottomless bag does have its hierarchy of stickers--I think the classification breaks down into sparkly vs. non-sparkly.  It is clear which is "top-of-the-top."

After some lunch, a bathroom break, and some hand washing, the sparkling stickers were somewhat less than top-of-the-top in stickiness, and many fell off during recess.  Don't worry, though--Taquan scooped up at least a dozen and adorned the backs of his hands with the Spanish class bounty.

Some kids chose to sticker-pierce their earlobes, others sprouted two extra forehead sticker eyes.  Aniya sticker-painted her nails and showed them to me.  "They say little girls are made of sugar and stickers!"  Well, sure, we'll say that's what they say.


Sherri said...

Oh, this cracks me up....I give stickers out to my students in my social skills groups but I tell them NOT to put them on their heads! I always say that would be too distracting to the rest of the class, and most would not have the sticker.

Now I'm seeing the chaos that it can cause!! Sometimes I give out a small sea shell instead...which almost always results in it being confiscated by their teacher until day's end.

Sarah said...

Haha! I love that there's a hierarchy of stickers :). And I love that kids will work hard for stickers too!!