But Wait!

Last night I rediscovered the entire concept of fashion.  It's true--I had forgotten that it even existed.

I was searching for something to wear to a fancy restaurant (with a temporary lower-priced Restaurant Week menu so us regular people could try it out) and was very disappointed with the selection on my hangers.  Because this summer's outings have been more the kind that required long stints in a bathing suit or flip flops passing as actual shoes, my field of clothing vision has shrunk.  The narrow range of options is pretty much: capris, tank tops, and stadium apparel--none of which seemed quite appropriate for last night's dinner.  The watermelon and feta salad on the menu, though, clearly demanded high fashion.  Even a summer sundress just wasn't going to cut it.

I had resigned myself to a mediocre skirt and top when a vague memory of some cocktail dresses at the far end of my closet entered my consciousness.  "There is more to clothing than t-shirts and jeans!" I thought as I made a mad dash for the closet with only a few minutes before we were supposed to leave.  Now fully free from summer wardrobe tunnel vision, I rediscovered the existence of high heels, rummaged through a jumbled pile of them and pulled out a sparkly pair.  "But wait!"  I shouted to my husband as I slipped the heels on.  "I am going to wear EARRINGS!"  I rummaged through, well--a jumbled pile of them and pulled out a sparkly pair.  "But wait!" I once again called.  "I am going to put on MAKEUP!"

"So this is what it must be like to have fancy places to attend," I thought.

Or maybe my excitement last night of picking out a non-boring outfit for a change was more like what the kids go through on class picture day.  What with the gelled hair and clip-on ties, the pouffy dresses and new hair beads, many kids definitely arrive at the top of their game.  "But wait!" I can picture them calling as dad hollers that it's time to go.  "I am going to wear a SPORTCOAT!"

For teaching at a school with a dress code, I realize that I've actually got a fair amount of posts about fashion.  It's a well-established fact that elementary school pajama day brings out the appreciation for clothing.  "But wait!" comes a voice from upstairs as mom waits at the door.  "I am going to wear FLUFFY SLIPPERS!"

Yes, no matter your age, everyone gets at least a little excited about playing dress-up now and then.
Image: www.hipsterchic.com -- And no, I don't own those :)


Sherri said...

Oh, I agree! My closet is a sorry state of affairs, but it feels good just once in a while to have a reason to get all purty!

ava said...

I go through this every fall. After a summer of swimsuits and t-shirts getting real clothes on again seems odd.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Every time I get dressed up to go somewhere nice, I get there and everyone else is in jeans. I think I'm more appropriately dressed, but I also stick out like a sore thumb. It stinks!

Sarah said...

Oh, I LOVE playing dress up. Especially on Civil War day when I used to teach at the middle school level :). Pajama day beats all though!

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