We're wrapping up the year! One week to go! I always give an end of the year survey to the kids to see what they liked best, what they found easy or hard, and what they think I should change. Here are a few responses from the question, "What did you find very hard?"

Borrowing from three-digit numbers.

What I found very hard was the more challenging challenge work.

Equivalent fractions.

Having to have a time limit for some stories.

Having to be in Congress and all the arguing.

Fixing my temper.

Well, I agree. All of those were difficult for some kids this year. And fixing one's temper can be quite difficult!
   And for those of you wondering what was Samuel's watertight reasoning about why he could safely be exempt from hand-washing....
   Forty-Something Chick and Sarah from Confessions each had a great potential excuse for forgoing the soap and water. It wasn't the ole spit-and-wipe, though, or a magical hands-free bathroom experience. No--still another reason to not wash.

Ms. Sarah as Samuel exits the bathroom: "Samuel, did you wash your hands?"

Samuel: "No! I had my gloves on!"


forty-something chick said...

Gloves!! What a perfect excuse, since you can't really wash them (that would be up to mom, right?).

Too funny! I love the "fixing my temper", which is hard for all of us for sure!

Good luck as you head for the finish line!

Sarah Garb said...

Thanks :) The end is in sight!

Sarah said...

Gloves!! What a dirty trick...

A survey is a great idea -- I'll have to remember that one for next year :)

And wouldn't it be great if our administrators gave us a survey at the end of the year to evaluate their own practice? Maybe in a perfect world...

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