Did You Wash Your Hands?

Challenge # 1 in the Fill In the Blank Contest met with some great suggestions! For what Jonathan did to Darnell if not actually bite him, readers guessed "tasted" and "gnawed a little bit." It's true, "biting" is blowing it all out of proportion, and let's be honest--a little subjective. Who's to say what's a bite and what's a mere sampling?

Darnell: “Jonathan bit me!”
Ms. Sarah: “Jonathan, did you bite Darnell?”

Jonathan: “No! Well. I just nibbled.”

And now for Challenge # 2!

When is it OK to not wash your hands? How about when you're on a hiking field trip and stop in the nature center bathroom? As long as this certain something is the case, you're good to go.

Ms. Sarah as Samuel exits the bathroom: "Samuel, did you wash your hands?"
Samuel: "No! I __________."

Image: rabbitwelfare.co.uk


forty-something chick said...

"No, I didn't touch anything!!"....like THAT is really possible!!

Hope your week is winding down!!

Sarah said...

"No, I spit on them and wiped them on my pants!"


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