Just Think of a Land Full of Candy

The topic of our discussion this afternoon was ways to respond when someone pushes your "anger button." The button-pushing situation for today was someone calling you a mean name and groups were brainstorming things you could do to diffuse the situation. Reid suggested thinking of a happy place you like to go. I overheard the conversation at Reid's group, and was picturing a generically pleasant beach, the mere thought of which could evaporate all of your rage about having been called a "big headed pee" or some other such insult.

Ahh...the clean white sands, the sparkling water, the lack of tests to grade. Charlotte, however, was not convinced that this "picture a happy place" strategy would cut it.

"But they could RUIN it and make it not a good place--like a dungeon!" she pointed out. Suddenly, the serenity of my imagined beach scene was shattered by the hypothetical anger-button-pusher, running onto the beach, kicking up sand in my face, hurling insults. Just like that--happy place ruined.

Charlotte did offer a replacement strategy, though. Knowing that just any old happy place could be susceptible to the intrusion of a name caller, we were going to need the ultimate happy place. "You should just think of a land full of candy" declared Charlotte. I have to admit, the thought of a land full of candy would indeed go a long way in minimizing the impact of someone saying something rude to me. And I know for a fact they kick out name-callers at the chocolate covered candy-cane gate.
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