But It Says

Lunch food opening methods keep second graders busy for a sizeable percentage of lunch time every day. There are the ketchup packets, Thermoses, and fruit cup pull-ring lids that are all just really tricky if you don't have quite the right angle, and the yogurt tinfoil covers are liable to burp out a dribble of yogurt down your hand if you don't get the pressure release just right. Most encounters with containers, wrappers, or packets cause frustration, but some can be wholly amusing if you're generally prone to silliness anyway.

Today I glanced over during lunch to see Alec with his fist balled up, attacking his milk carton. "What?" he asked, as he picked up his straw and aimed it at the carton's round perforated hole. "It says 'punch here.' "
Illustration by Mark A. Hicks

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